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June 22-23, 2012 - Date for Next Reunion!

We had a great time at the Reunion.  Pictures will follow soon, hopefully.  (Send any pictures you would like to share to Beth Adams:

Here are some details:

Friday Evening, 7pm:  Meet and Greet in Pioneer High School Cafeteria


10-noon:  Sing selections from all the chorales (see list below.  Please  bring music if you have it.)

Noon:  Box lunch

1-3pm:  Continue Sing-a-long

3pm:  Families & friends are invited to hear us sing.

6:30pm:  Banquet at Holiday Inn ($35/person + cash bar)

Music Selections:

1958:  ?
1959:  Hallelujah Amen
1960:  Let Us Break Bread Together
1961:  Ehre Sei Dir Christe
1962:  My Fair Lady
1963:  Allelujah (Randall Thompson)
1964:  Sanctus (Faure) + I Gotta Sing
1965:  Set Down Servant + Deep River
1966:  Song of Our Own
1967:  Black is the Color, Soon Ah Will be Done
1968:  Music Man
1969:  Ezekial Saw de Wheel
1970:  Yellow Rose of Texas
1971:  Shadrack
1972:  I Want to be in America (West Side Story)
1973:  Promise of Living
Oh Freedom
Everytime I feel the Spirit
Instrument of Thy Peace
Onward Ye Peoples

For additional information please contact DuAnne Sonneville:
(248) 683-1542


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Michigan Archive Update!

The Michigan/YFU Chorale collection has been installed.  If you are in the Lansing area go check it out.
 (Our accession number is 2008-23.)
Archives of Michigan
702 W. Kalamazoo St.
Lansing, MI 48908
CD Update:

Note:  Check out the CD Catalog page.  An updated list with remaining CDs is now listed there.

Memories Update:
Choraler, Cathy Breening, has developed a website just for Chorale Memories:

Feel free to visit and add your memories so they can be enjoyed by others.

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