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Sad news to report:

Our beloved Bob Pratt passed away on Monday, November 30, 2009.  His obituary can be found here:

Your comments are welcome at the obituary site.

A memorial service for Bob will be held on Saturday, January 9, 2010 at 2:00p at the First United Methodist Church in Ann Arbor.  Donations can be made to the FUMC music fund.

If you plan on attending please contact DuAnne Sonneville ( so the Pratt Family can plan accordingly.

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Many alumni may be coming in for the memorial service on January 9, 2010.  We will be singing these numbers:

  1. "Instrument of Thy Peace"
  2. "Every Time I Feel the Spirit"
  3. "Onward Ye Peoples"

Please bring your own music, if you need it.

In the meantime, our reunion has been postponed until 2011.  Stay tuned for more information regarding that in the coming year.





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Michigan Archive Update!

The Michigan/YFU Chorale collection has been installed.  If you are in the Lansing area go check it out.
 (Our accession number is 2008-23.)
Archives of Michigan
702 W. Kalamazoo St.
Lansing, MI 48908
CD Update:

Note:  Check out the CD Catalog page.  An updated list with remaining CDs is now listed there.

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2008 Memories

Share it with others - check out the fun & concert on You-Tube*:  

Click here: YouTube - YFU Chorale Alumni Reunion dinner

YFU Alumni Chorale 2008 

YFU Alumni Chorale 2008 When Johnny Comes Marching Home

*Recorded by Pat Snover-Tait's ('65,'66) husband

(Note:  To check out newspaper articles about the reunion click on the "Press Release" section.) 

Message from Bob Pratt:

To all the wonderful people who attended the recent Chorale Alumni concert,

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful singing and friendship  that imbued the weekend with such success!  I love you all.  Best wishes to you and your families. Please keep in touch with me.   Words don't really express my thoughts except to say THANK YOU all.

Cordially,   Bob Pratt
(please, everyone, call me "Bob," since we're all  grown up now.)

Note:  New photo is now available on the "Photos" section! 

 Did you enjoy Dan Berry's speech at the concert?  You can read it here



  *Recorded by Pat Snover-Tait's ('65,'66) husband


Interview with Robert Pratt has been Transcribed!

In November, Day Best transcribed an interview with Robert Pratt.  This is a wonderful Oral History of the years he conducted the Choral.  It includes 14 pages of riveting stories and adventures on chorale tours as only Robert Pratt could tell them - part Indiana Jones, part James Bond -  our own Maestro recounts the highlights of the tours and the special people he has known along the way.  You can read it here.

As a special gift from the Alumni Chorale, Day has sent a black, hardbound book and accompanying CD set to Robert Pratt this week (She is also sending the same to the Archives of MI as a gift from the Alumni Chorale).  

Day has 3 dbl CD sets of the Oral History audio made up, if anyone wishes to purchase it.  The cost is $12 each set.  We have 2 dbl CD 50th Reunion CDs left.  They are also $12 ea. Members can make checks payable to:

Day Best 
2500 Lee Dr.
Bay City, MI 48708-6383


The "Archives of Michigan" wants YOUR Chorale memories!  See "Memories" page for details.

On a sad note:

**  Jill Nelson Becker, '58, recently passed away.

**  Earl Bostic ('65,'66) passed away suddenly in Berlin, Germany.

Earl Bostic was born in Detroit in 1947. He studied voice and sociology and moved to Berlin in 1972 after many trips to Europe with several choirs. Here he learned to play the electric and upright bass. He has played in many groups live and as a sought after studio musician African jazz, German jazzrock, American blues, and Jewish Klezmer music.  Listen here for his 1966 solo in "Ezekiel Saw The Wheel".

**  Mel Larimer, Ass't Conductor for 1960 Chorale, recently passed away.  Check the "Memories" page for more information.

Note:  Special CD offer!  "Sacred Works" - $10 each.  Go to CD catalog page for full information.

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